General Information

The cross-border area of Greece and Albania and in particular the areas of Konitsa and Premet share common natural features of beauty and value that create the ideal field for the development of alternative forms of tourism. The exploitation of these natural resources can be one of the main drivers for sustainable development in the region and contribute decisively to both countries’ cooperation and to the preservation of natural heritage. This is exactly the main aim of the EX.TOUR project “Developing and promoting extreme tourism in Greece Albania cross-border area” (EX.TOUR) that is implemented under the Interreg IPA CBC Program “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020”.


The main aim of the project is to promote the sustainable development of the cross-border area of Konitsa and Premet through the development of adventure tourism/extreme sports tourism. Adventure tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in the region and especially on the Greek side of intervention. However, its development has not been done systematically. It presents a significant disadvantage compared to the international competition, due to the lack of certified professionals in the field of extreme sports (mountain guides, trainers, etc.). For this reason, one of the key deliverables of the Project relates to the development of a comprehensive study and roadmap for the establishment of an Extreme Sports School, from which certified professionals in the field of adventure tourism will graduate. As part of this action, the renovation of the Reading School in Konitsa will also take place,. This will also be the headquarters of the Extreme Sports School.


The Project contains the following Work Packages

WP1: Management and coordination of the project actions

WP2: Communication & Dissemination

WP3: Extreme sports infrastructure construction

WP4: Promotion of the adventure tourism

WP5: Actions outside the eligible area: Participation in two international exhibitions in the sector of adventure tourism


The main deliverables of the project:

  1. A Study for the development of certified training programs for extreme sports professionals. The Study will provide a detailed plan for the establishment of the Extreme Sports School.
  2. the 1st floor restoration of “Anagnostopouleios School” in order to host an extreme sports school.
  3. Construction of three climbing fields: two in Konitsa and one in Albania
  4. An integrated strategic plan regarding the promotion of sustainable adventure tourism in the cross border area as a single tourist destination.
  5. The organization of a summer camp for adventure tourism. The summer camp will host extreme sports professionals in order to participate in demonstration events and a climbing contest will be launched.
  6. Participation in thematic tourism exhibitions for the promotion of the cross border area as an alternative tourist destination.
  7. Communication and dissemination material, a video for the promotion of extreme sports tourism in the area and the project dissemination.